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College of Graduate Studies

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Coleman University is designed to significantly enhance the depth and breadth of education for students who aspire to a higher degree of expertise in the field of business.

The Master of Business Administration program enables students to attain the advanced business knowledge and technical skills needed to successfully grow and manage a business. Coleman's MBA curriculum offers advanced courses in leadership, project management, strategic planning, organizational design, finance, legal, marketing, and human resource issues among others.

During the program, students will develop their leadership and management skills-exploring both the quantitative and qualitative tools of management and examining the dynamic environments managers must face both inside and outside the organization.

Additionally, the program's emphasis on leadership and team building allows the student to develop their interpersonal skills; thus allowing them to communicate more effectively, improve their ability to mediate and/or reduce conflicts, and enhance their ability to network.

It is expected that graduates of the MBA program will be able to assume positions of leadership and management in industry, business, government, or education.

Graduate students can complete this Master of Business Administration degree program in 13 five-week modules.