Game Programming, Development, and Design Program

Classes include:

  • Introduction to Game Programming
  • Game Development
  • Game Programming Concepts C++
  • Digital Images
  • Game Programming Logic C++
  • Animation
  • Game Programming C#
  • XNA
  • 3D Game Programming with DirectX10
  • Introduction to Zbrush
  • 3D Shader Materials
  • 3D Hard Surface Modeling

College of Information Sciences

Game On

Whether you have an eye for design, a gift for programming, or a concept for the next great video game, Coleman University can turn your dreams into reality with our Game Programming Development and Design program.

Sure, you have a passion for video games. Are you ready to turn that passion into a career and join a multi-billion dollar industry? rated Video Game Designer as one of the "Best Jobs in America" with an estimated 10-year job growth of 27.6%. Analysts forecast that the global market for video games is expected to grow from $66 billion in 2013 to $79 billion in 2017.

In the Game Programming Development and Design program at Coleman University, you will learn character development, story-telling, 3-D image rendering, animation, environmental modeling, while working on the Unity engine.

Master the software and coding to enter the game industry and take your passion for video games to the next level.

Next Level

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